The Clapham Boggart

Clapham boggart poster
The above artists' impression of the Clapham boggart appears by courtesy of the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and Stories in Stone

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The mysterious Clapham boggart is a character featured in one of four "Trail Tales" leaflets which are being published by Stories in Stone.

This cheery looking chap is said to live somewhere around the village of Clapham, and according to local folklore there are also to be other boggarts in the area. Could this impish little fiend even be a relative of the region's infamous evil bloodsucking gnome who is said to live not too far away in Trollers Gill? Perhaps someone will find out soon..

In the meantime you can read more about the Clapham boggart here.

[N.B. Please mention the Eagle Intermedia Yorkshire Dales website when making your enquiries.]

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