West Witton

West Witton West Witton at twilight

West Witton is a small village lying directly on the A684 between Leyburn and Aysgarth in Wensleydale.

The village is probably best known for the "Burning of Old Bartle", a tradition which sees locals burning an effigy of "Old Bartle" in a strange ceremony which usually takes place on a Saturday close to St. Bartholomew's Day in August.

The Church of St. Bartholomew, West Witton Churchyard at the Church of St. Bartholomew in West Witton

The local church (pictured above) is also dedicated to St. Bartholomew, and it has been speculated that this could be somehow connected to the legend of Old Bartle.

West Witton West Witton

West Witton was originally called just "Witton" (recorded as "Witun" in the Domesday Book) but was later renamed to differentiate it from East Witton while lies further down the dale.

Near West Witton is the site of the Knights' Preceptory - a ruined chapel which was once a house of the Knights Templar, and later the Knights Hospitaliers.

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