View of Upper Swaledale

One of the more remote northern dales, Swaledale runs west to east to the town of Richmond (from where the River Swale flows in to the northern end of the Vale of Mowbray).

View of Upper Swaledale View of Upper Swaledale View of Upper Swaledale

Villages and hamlets in Swaledale include Reeth, Grinton, Low Row, Gunnerside, Muker and Keld.

Swaledale Swaledale Swaledale Keld Head, Swaledale Reeth, Swaledale Reeth, Swaledale

Waterfalls along the Swale include Richmond Falls at Richmond, and Kisdon Force near Keld. Tributary valleys on the north side of the river include Arkengarthdale, Gunnerside Gill and Swinner Gill - all of which once hosted a once thriving local lead mining industry.

From Thwaite and near the head of the dale the famous Buttertubs Pass leads up over the moors and down into Wensleydale. Another road from Keld leads north over the moors to Tan Hill - well known as the site of the highest public house in England.

Besides its stunning scenery (which is spectacular even by dales standards) Swaledale is also famous for its sheep (the Swaledale blackface being a local breed which is particularly well suited to life on the high fells) and its wildflower meadows where natural flowering plants thrive.

As a matter of convention, Swaledale is often divided into what is arbitrarily known as "Upper Swaledale" and "Lower Swaledale" - lying approximately upstream and downstream of Reeth respectively.

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